Open Show 2014

Best In Show
-Nikara Diamond Jubilee with Norjack

Reserve Best in Show
Fremlin - Ch.Icewind Echo of Spring

Best Puppy in Show
Freer - Nikara Dancing with my Dream

Thank you for a wonderful weekend as the Samoyed Judge for the Northern Samoyed Society's Breed Club Open Show 2014. I am so grateful to the Committee for inviting me to judge and a massive Thank You to everyone who exhibited for me. I wish I could have awarded everyone a First Prize but every dog has his or her day and you always take the best dog home!! The turnout was fantastic on such a hot day and the dogs were groomed to perfection despite the heat. I felt honoured to be judging and thank everyone who exhibited.


Class 1 Minor Puppy dog

1st  Lloyds Nikara Dancing on Air to Arianhod

Beautiful puppy with a good coat and outline, good angulation moved well, pleasing smile and an excellent head shape and correct tail set. Well balanced.

2nd Moody and Haffendenn’s Novaskaya Lysandro Lefay

Another beautiful puppy dog beautifully constructed, moved well, good reach of neck and head shape. Good bone structure. Just pipped to the post on this occasion.


Class 2 Puppy dog

1st  Lloyds Nikara Dancing on Air to Arianhod

 2nd Moody and Haffendenn’s Novaskaya Lysandro Lefay


Class 3 junior dog

1st Muir’s Lilryeconte Forest Legend

Good proportioned head shape with a pleasing smile, good pigment and good eye and ear shape. Nicely balanced

Class 4 Maiden dog

No Entries

Class 5 Novice dog

1st Mann’s Zeelulukzak Buggin’n Huggin

Rather a character on this occasion keen to vocalise his presence. Good pigmentation, head shape, rounded ears and correct tail set. Moved well if a little boisterous.


Class 6 Undergraduate dog

1st Mann’s Zeelulukzak Buggin’n Huggin


Class 7 Post Graduate dog

1st Cameron’s Vandreem Imperial Timo

Well balanced dog with an excellent outline, good angulation pleasing head and well furred rounded ear shape. Beautiful coat with a good depth of chest and correct tail set.  

2nd Collinsons’s Taronakits Kenko with Norjack

Another beautiful dog well put together slightly out of coat. Good outline, dark pigmentation on lips and eyes, correct tail set. Good movement.  

Class 8 Limit dog

1st  Jones’ Vandreem Imperial Debrussi

An excellent mover with a good outline good angulation and beautiful coat. Deep wide chest and good bone structure, with an excellent head shape and ears, good dark pigmentation with good feathering. Good reach of neck Really bounced along today.

2nd Dent’s Danrobian Snow Mischief to Snowsense

A pleasing dog with a beautiful outline, did not move as well as No1. Good Pigmentation with nice shaped head and ears, good bone structure.  

Class 9 Open Dog

1st Fremlin’s  CH Icewind Echo of Spring

Another beautiful dog. Excellent outline, good bone structure, good angulation, moved with balance, purpose and drive showing full character of an alert Samoyed. Good muscle wide and deep chest. Good feathering and correct tail set with a beautiful head and eyes with deep pigmentation that caught my eye today.

2nd Jones’ CH Vandreem Imperial Kai

Another beautiful dog that was just pipped to the post. Good outline and bone structure moving with balance and drive. Good muscle tone and bone structure eyes and correct tail. Perhaps not as positive as no1 on this occasion.

Class 10 Veteran dog

No Entries

Class 11 Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Freer’s Nikara Dancing with my Dream

A beautiful girl that moved with balance and poise. Excellent coat quality, good angulation, good pigmentation, well set ears and a pleasing smile with a beautiful head. Excellent bone and a wide deep chest and excellent tail carriage. One to watch for the future. A delight to watch.

2nd Moody & Haffenden’s Novaskaya Lykkef Lefay

Another lovely little girl, not as mature as no1, but had all the good qualities. Good movement and balance, good outline with good angulation. Pretty little face, correct ears and eyes and tail set.  

Class 12 Puppy Bitch

1st Freer’s Nikara Dancing with my Dream

2nd Moody & Haffenden’s Novaskaya Lykkef Lefay


Class 13 Junior Bitch

1st Bostock’s Snowshe Summer Beauty

A pleasing little girl, balanced with good movement, good reach of neck and outline. Nice head with a pleasing smile.  

Class 14 Maiden bitch

1st Freer’s Nikara Dancing with my Dream  

2nd Moody & Haffenden’s Novaskaya Lykkef Lefay


Class 15 Novice Bitch

1st Freer’s Nikara Dancing with my Dream

2nd Young’s Cocosamel Chance

A Lovely little girl with a pleasing head and good movement and outline. A pretty head showing correct eyes and rounded ears with correct tail set.  

Class 16 Undergraduate Bitch

1st Woodhead’s Zeelukzak Ice’n Precious From Pashka

A pretty little girl with a good shape head showing correct eye shape and round ears. Good bone structure with deep chest, nice feet and feathering with good angulation. Good balanced movement and outline.  

2nd Taylor’s Gemora Royal Hope Hope for Naduska

Good coat and outline with a pleasing smile. Didn’t move as well as no1. Good bone structure, head and eyes and ears with correct tail set.


Class 17 Post Graduate Bitch

1st Moody & Haffenden’s Samarind Spells Trouble for Novaskaya

Pretty little lady moving well with poise and balance. Good outline with correct angulation and tail set with a good reach of neck. Deep eye and lip pigmentation with good bone structure and quality of coat.  

2nd Lepley’s Sarnoushka Tiger Lilly

A lovely little girl, not quite moving as well as no1 on this occasion. A pleasing smile, nice shaped head eyes and ears, good outline with good bone structure.

Class 18 Limit Bitch (BIS)

1st Collinson’s Nikara’s Diamond Jubilee with Norjack

This young lady caught my eye. Beautiful outline and flowing coat showing excellent poise and balanced movement with correct angulation and outline. A pretty little smile and expression clearly enjoying her day out today.  Good reach of neck, deep dark pigmentation around her eye s and lips. Good bone structure and depth of chest. Coat with a good texture. Ears rounded and moved beautifully. Very pleasing to watch

2nd  Hounslow’s Nikitta’s  Katch a Falling Star

Pretty lady with a good quality of coat. Nice outline and tail set. Pretty face and head with correct ears and angulation demonstrating  good balance and movement.

Class 19 Open Bitch

No Entries

Class 20 Veteran Bitch

1st Trusam’s  Silver Starspirit

A pleasing dog to watch who moved well. Good reach of neck, well-shaped ears and head. Good movement for age. Good outline, bone structure and quality of coat.  

2nd Fremlin’s Icewind Polarcloud

A pleasing veteran lady, very good sound movement, reach of neck, outline and quality of coat. Well-shaped head and ears rounded with well feathered feet. Good bone structure. Very enjoyable to watch taking her handler round the ring.