I would like to thank the committee for their invitation to judge the NORTHERN SAMOYED JULY/ 24/ 2016 open show and for their hospitality and also the exhibitors for their support. Movement in general was good although a couple of dogs did make me wince and are large ears on the increase. I am very pleased with my four principle winners which are all excellent examples of the breed and also to the superb handlers which made each of the four dogs a pleasure to watch moving around the ring.

 Puppy dog 1st Wildings Nikitta silver starchief Attractive dog with nice head & expression good reach of neck into well laid shoulders moved well once settled. 2nd Westons Annecy galaxy rock. Nice type balanced throughout but needs more training.

 Junior dog. 1st Shepherds Shianise just johnson. Young dog full of quality he just keeps drawing your attention attractive head & expression excellent pigment body bone and angulation pleasure to watch moving around the ring must have a promising future B.D. Res B.I.S. 2nd Shorts Zakaytha angel Lot to like about this dog has all the furnishings plus good body, bone & angulation. 3rd Wildings Nikitta silva starchief 4th Westons Annecy galaxy rock .

 Undergrad dog 1st Shorts Zakaytha angel of mine 2nd Baxters Samhaven frozen in time A very nice dog attractive head and pleasing expression balanced with good angulation moved well should have a good future 3rd Hemming Snowstar winter storm .

 Limit dog. 1st Baxters Samhaven frozen in time .

 Open dog 1st Collinsons Taronakits kenko at norjack. Attractive dog masculine head good length of neck deep chest good bone and angulation. res B.D. 2nd Woodheads Vandreem imperial kennedy at pashka Another nice dog with a lot to like good bone and body .

 Veteran dog. 1st Fremlins CH Icewind echo of spring Upstanding dog attractive head & expression excellent pigment correct dak almond shaped eye good reach of neck excellent body dog and handler which showed when on the move B.V .2nd Crockarts Vandreem imperial paco Another nice dog not as impressive as 1st . .

 Minor puppy bitch. 1st Bules Belluchi royal snow first lady Super eye catching puppy sweet feminine head excellent pigment eye and expression construction and outline super mover pleasure to watch handler and dog as one moving with style and drive around the ring must have a very promising future B.P.i S 2nd Howletts Tiksi snowstorm Attractive puppy good body shape moved and showed well not as eye catching as 1st. 3rd Morris Snowstar cosmic chaos .

 Puppy bitch. .1st Bules Belluchi royal snow first lady . .Junior bitch .1st Thomas Zeelukzak om shanti Not a glamorous bitch good bone moves well .2nd Yorkes Timras muireann of the mist Lovely head and expression moved ok of the short distance she did just did not want to co-operate with her handler .3rd Belluchi royal snow first lady .

 Maiden bitch 1st Belluchi royal snow first lady 2nd Tiksi snowstorm . Novice bitch .1st Tksi snowstorm . .Undergrad bitch 1st Johnson & Knipe Taronakits kall me kaylee of xenora Smallish bitch lighter on bone but well put together with a sweet head and expression but she won this on her movement. 2nd Timras muireann of the mist 3rd Snowshe summer beauty .

 Post grad bitch 1st Manns Zeelukzak diamond star. Nice head and expression good body and angulation moved and showed well, a lot to like about her 2nd Bostocks. Snowshe summer beauty Pleasing bitch good bone and body nice head moved well but did not show herself to the best. .

 Limit bitch .1st Woodheads Zeelukzak ice n precious at pashka Attractive bitch with a nice head slightly light in eye but this did not detract from her expression good shoulder and body moved with drive one i really like. Res Best Bitch 2nd Clarkes Zamoyski lucky candy Attractive bitch nice head & expression but did not like her movement and was toeing in she won this placing on her femininity but 3rd was the better mover. 3rd Crockarts Vandreem imperial kapalia. . .

 Open bitch 1st Collinsons CH Nikara diamond jubilee of norjack Outstanding quality bitch super feminine girl she is just perfect looked a picture standing and a joy to see on the move presented to perfection BEST in SHOW 2nd Howletts CH Tiksi snowfire another nice quality bitch moved and showed well one that has caught my eye when in the past I occasionally glance into the ring did not do it today. 3rd Shorts Zeelukzak ice glorious zakaytia .

 Veteran bitch 1st Kirkwoods jones Vandreem imperial prada Attractive bitch moved and showed well 2nd Morris Snowsappire cool emerald for snowstar feminine everso sweet little bitch that is so appealing 3rd Fremlins Icewind polar cloud 4th Wilkes vandreem imperial cerruti .

judge P H Ashbourne

Open Show 2016

BEST in Show
Collinsons - CH Nikara Diamond Jubilee of Norjack


Shepherds- Shianise JustJohnson

Bules - Belluchi Royal Snow First Lady