Best in Show

Mr & Mrs G. Fremlin

Ch. Icewind Echo of Spring.


Mr. & Mrs. A. Newcombe

Icewind Spring Sunlight.


Mr. & Mrs I. Muncaster

Zeelukzak Iceman.



Firstly, I’d to thank the officers and committee for offering me this appointment and opportunity, their welcome and hospitality on the day was second to none. Secondly, thank you to the exhibitors for respectfully accepting my assessments and placings.  From a judges perspective I found some eyes a little round/light and a few ears a little larger than I would prefer. Overall exhibitors should take due credit for their presentation and showmanship, I found only a couple of exhibits where coat management was not as I would expect and this did affect the placings of some otherwise very nice dogs.  I gather my top winners were brother and sister and I awarded Best Veteran to their sire! The breeders should be very proud, it is a real achievement to produce two superb exhibits from the same litter.


MPD (1) 1st Davis’ TIMRAS PHANTOM OF THE MIST. Just making this class agewise. Nice youngster, profuse coat, head starting to mature, nice to see ears tipped behind with biscuit. Good outline and bone for age, moved well when settled.


PD (5) 1st Muncasters ZEELUKZAK ICEMAN. Impressive young male, handler had to work very hard to keep him under control! (I gather this is her first Samoyed). Lots to like, balanced head, dark pigment, super profile, nicely angulated quarters. Moved with drive when settled. Showed a lot of promise, owners should have some fun with this one, Best PD and a worthy BPIS. 2nd Brasier’s SAYANTSI PRINCE DAMASK. Beautifully presented, standing four square a real showman. A little taller than my winner and similar comments apply. I just preferred the head of my winner on the day. 3rd Fitches & Friedlanders SNOGEMS BLUE LIGHTNING (IMP). Res Davis’ TIMRAS PHANTOM OF THE MIST. VHC Armitts TIMRAS ILLUSION OF THE MIST.


JD (1) 1st Freer & Smiths’ NIKARA DIAMOND DANCER. At 16 months this young lad must have a bright future. Lovely head, nice eye and pigment but a little lazy with his ears today which spoilt his expression. Nicely made all round, strong/level topline and good bone. Super coat presented in good order, moved with real drive round the ring.


MD (1) 1st Muncasters ZEELUKZAK ICEMAN.


ND (1) 1st Muncasters ZEELUKZAK ICEMAN.


UGD (1, abs)


PGD (7) 1st Jones’ VANDREEM IMPERIAL KAI. Just out of junior. Caught my eye when he entered the class and didn’t disappoint upon further inspection. This youngster is all male, a good size and super bone. Balanced throughout, lovely headpiece. Movement could not be matched in this class. I took the fact that he is currently out of coat into consideration but still couldn’t deny him this class win & RBD – I considered him against the bitch for RBIS but he was very unsettled in the challenge, particularly on the move which spoilt his chances. Will watch his career with interest. 2nd Brooks’ KARASEA MR BOJANGLES. This 3yr old has matured nicely. Slightly different in type to my winner, smaller in stature and a little lighter in bone. Nonetheless balanced all round with everything in the right place, a super head, thoroughly deserved this placing. Lovely coat, nice to see some biscuit on his trousers. Moved well but didn’t quite cover the ground as well as 1 today. 3rd Kaye’s DANIK DASH OF ZOLO ORLEANSNOW. Res Dent’s VANDREEM IMPERIAL DIESEL TO SNOWSENSE. VHC Hounslow’s NIKITTA RUN WITH THE WIND.


LD (5,1 abs) 1st Jebson’s VANDREEM IMPERIAL PIPER. Mature 3yr old. Standing four square. Balanced head with lovely small ears, typical Samoyed fixtures. Strong front, rear and form topline. A little unsettled to begin with on the move but soon picked up his momentum. Coat in good order. Really pleased to see how he has matured since I judged him a few years ago. 2nd Dent’s VANDREEM IMPERIAL DIESEL TO SNOWSENSE. Res in the previous class where he was a little unsettled but upped his game in this class, particularly on the move. Enjoying his day and the sound of his own voice! 3rd Miller’s VANDREEM IMPERIAL LEXUS. Res Tridgett’s NISTKA THE WHITE WIZARD.


OD (2) 1st Fremlin’s ICEWIND ECHO OF SPRING. What a stunner. At only 2 this young male exudes quality and ring presence, a real showman. Completely in tune with his handler, presented in perfect order. Super head and expression with dark points and well set plush ears. Outstanding profile, lovely neck, strong topline with tail on top and good angles fore and aft. Covered the ground with ease, gait free and with drive.  Well deserved BD and BIS, I gather he gained the magical 3rd CC at Leeds and is on a roll at the moment – I can certainly see why. 2nd Hounslow’s NIKITTA SIMPLY MAGIC. Unlucky to meet 1 on the day. Upstanding, mature 4 yr old, balanced in every sense. Nice neck, shoulders and well angulated rear. Moved well. Looked a little out of coat on the rear today and didn’t give it his all,  I gather he was a little distracted by the ladies!


VD (1) 1st Fremlin’s GLYNSAM SUMMER STORM AT ICEWIND. 10 years young and acting like a 2 year old! Presented in super condition and movement puts some youngsters to shame. Stood four square showing his socks off. Super head and expression. Coat still good for age. Nice front and rear. A dog still full of personality enjoying his day! BVIS. Not surprised to see he is the sire of my BD and BB.


MPB (2) 1st Kirkwood & Green’s VANDREEM IMPERIAL ROMA. Baby with sweet expression. Prettiest of coats, presented in good order. Good angulation all round and firm topline. Moved well for one so young despite being a little unsettled. Handler had to work hard as she was a little overawed in the hall on the day but her quality shone through to take the class. Pleased to aware her BPB. 2nd Ellis’ LIZANVIDE CHASING RAINBOWS. Another nice young lady. Not quite the head of 1 at the moment but this will come in time. Lovely pigment and eye. A little longer cast than 1 but good neck, shoulders and angles. Presented and showed well.


PB (5) 1st Kirkwood & Green’s VANDREEM IMPERIAL ROMA. 2nd Smith’s ZEELUKZAK POLAR STAR. Litter sister to my BPIS. More mature than 1 but head still needs a little more time. Balanced young lady with everything where it should be. Coat in good order and moved well. I loved her personality, aptly named “Dottie”! 3rd Armitt’s TIMRAS KEEPSAKE OF THE MIST. Res Ellis’ LIZANVIDE CHASING RAINBOWS. VHC Miles & Naylor’s KARENSHKO MYSTERIOUS GIRL.


JB (3,1 abs) 1st McGreade’s NIKARA PRIVATE DANCER FOR FROSTIA. A little apprehensive on the day, the hall unsettling her. Despite this on the occasions when she forgot where she was she presented a lovely picture. Handler worked very hard to keep her focussed. Presented in good order with feminine head and expression and good coat. Moved well. 2nd Naylors KARENSHKO DIAMOND DAZZLER. Similar comments apply re conformation, coat and movement but just preferred the headpiece of 1 on the day. Showed well for her handler.


MB (3,1 abs) 1st Kirkwood & Green’s VANDREEM IMPERIAL ROMA. 2nd Smith’s ZEELUKZAK POLAR STAR.


NB (4,2 abs) 1st Smith’s ZEELUKZAK POLAR STAR. 2nd Miles & Naylor’s KARENSHKO MYSTERIOUS GIRL. Written from memory as exhibitor left the ring before I could document my assessment. More settled in this class, stood four square, showing well. Moved with gusto round the ring. I preferred the overall balance on 1 on the day.




PGB (2,1 abs) 1st Jebson’s VANDREEM IMPERIAL SAVINYA. Presented a nice profile. Liked her size and substance. Balanced head and good pigment. Looking a little out of coat today on the rear. Unsettled in the hall initially and handler worked hard to keep her tail up. Moved okay when settled.


LB (5,2 abs) 1st Fitzgibbon & Roberts ICE MAIDEN SMILE YOSHI & US (imp). This pretty young lady has a super outline. Lovely headpiece, balanced throughout, good fore and aft angles. Moved with precision and drive. Presented in very good order. Loved her character. A close decision for BB, absolutely no hesitation in awarding her RBB. 2nd Moddy & Haffenden’s NOVASKAYA LARYSSA LEFAY. This young lady is an old favourite of mine. Similar to 1 in all of the basic breed standard requirements but slightly different in type. Presented and handled well. Moved with drive round the ring but not in the best of coats today, lacking a few finishing touches. 3rd Naylor’s SNOWFLAKE ALSO OF KARENSHKO.


OB (1) 1st Newcombe’s ICEWIND SPRING SUNLIGHT. Litter sister to my BD and you can see the breed type oozing through. Despite standing alone she owned the ring from the moment she stepped into it. Super outline, balanced in every way. Pretty head with good pigment and eye, neat ears. Good bone and substance throughout. Coat again presented to perfection, completing a very pretty picture. Moved with grace and drive around the ring to take BB, RBIS and BOS.


VB (1,1 abs) 1st Woodhead’s PASHKA ICICLE PRINCESS JW. At 8 ½ still enjoying her day out. Presented a nice outline despite blowing coat at the moment. Head well defined with good pigment. Balance and overall conformation okay. Moved okay when she settled. Showed and moved well for her handler.