Fitzgibbon & Roberts

 Absolute Xamba Yoshi & Us (Imp SWK)


Mr. G. & Mrs. H. Fremlin


Icewind Polarcloud


Mrs. T. T. Lloyd


Arianrhod Otavan Haamu


Mr. & Mrs A. Mapletoft


Vandreem Imperial Kaprica at Samitoft



I would like to thank the committee of the Northern Samoyed club for inviting me to judge their show and to the exhibitors for what was a lovely entry, sadly for me the warm weather and a busy Leeds show the day before took a hefty toll on the entry and half the exhibits were absent on the day, but I was very pleased with my winners and it was as ever a very enjoyable day spent with the Samoyed's and their owners.  On a general note a number of the exhibits seemed to lack development in the chest – and moved loosely or were inclined to turn out their feet, I also noted that many dogs lacked the typical long feet well covered with hair, maybe some judges have rewarded exhibits with tight cat feet and these have become more common place in the ring, but it would be a shame to lose this feature from the breed.


 MPD (3,3)


 PD (4, 4)


 JD (2,1)

 1. Hounslow’s NIKITTA RUN WITH THE WIND, good sized male, in between coats, but as they say this means he hid nothing.  Firm short back, good angulation, moved very well behind,  just a shade loose in front, where he needs to develop in chest.   Correct wedge head, flat skull with excellent pigment and almond eye.  

MD – no entries.


 ND (1,1)

 1. Naylor’s KARENSHKO LOVE ME TENDER, good sized male in good stand off coat, and well presented. Has tendency to stand with legs underneath body not showing of angulation fully, but when stands correctly presents good angles.  Very attractive flat skull, and balanced muzzle, eyes a shade round.  Good pigment.  

 Page: Open Show 2010

 UG (3,2)

 1. Lepley’s SARNOUSHKA STARSTRUCK SID, strong made male, very deep in body and a shade long in back.  Good rump and broad loin, well set on tail.  Attractive proportions to head and muzzle, excellent eyes for shape and colour, flat skull.  On move has tendency to pace, and then when trotting moves with fairly high lift in front.  



 1. Prout’s DUCKSLAKE HIGH SPIRIT AT FURZELAND,  well presented dog in good coat and with ample bone.  Skull is broad and flat, eyes ok.  Just a shade narrow in chest and moves the same coming, but has good side gait.  2.  Hounslow’s NIKITTA SIMPLY MAGIC, well boned male standing on good feet, would prefer more angulation front and rear.  Short, firm back to loin.  Attractive in head.  Another who needs to broaden in front.  


 LD (5,3)

 1. Miller’s VANDREEM IMPERIAL LEXUS, two attractive males, preferring front movement of winner overall.  Good angulation and bone, correct size and balanced throughout.  Correct long hairy feet not seen in many.  Wedged shaped head, strong muzzle and good eyes, RBD.  

 2. Douglas’ ALESKI ROCKET MAN OF TROYSTAR, attractive male, stands very well showing good angulation and bone, caries a little too much weight.  Firm back and attractive head, with correct oval eyes of good colour.  Just has a tendency to throw his front legs on the move.  


 OD (2,1)

 1. Lloyd’s ARIANHOD HALLAN JOUNI JW, good size male, has firm back.  Excellent coat, attractive biscuit colour.  Good bone and well developed chest.   Head very broad, and ears a little widely set .  Good angulation  and moved well in front.  


 VD (4,1)  

 1. Lloyd’s ARIANRHOD OTAVAN HAAMU, lovely 9 year old male of excellent type, well balanced throughout.  Good bone, strong front and chest.  Good angulation and moved well.  Head is correct wedge, tapering muzzle, good under jaw dark eye and neat ears.  Just coming back into new coat, and not as full as the girls when considering for BIS, BD & BOS.  

 2. Hounslow’s CH NIKITTA SIMPLY A STAR, larger framed 11 year old in excellent coat, strong and masculine. Lovely hairy long feet.  Very good head.  Just not as firm in topline as winner.  



 MPB (5,1)

 1. Mapletoft’s VANDREEM IMPERIAL KAPRICA AT SAMITOFT, heading two litter sisters who are both very promising and with little to separate them.  Lovely cobby shape, good bone, short back, broad rear.  Very good angulation and reach of neck.  Moved very well.  Exquisite head and expression, dark  eye.  Hope she grows on to fulfil the promise she shows, BPIS.  

 2. Crockart’s VANDREEM IMPERIAL KAPALIA, another pretty bitch well made head and muzzle, excellent laughing expression and eye, super temperament.  Good bone and angulation, moved well, just a shade longer cast than sister at the moment.  These two will challenge for top places many times I am sure.  



 PB (5,3)


 2. FAIRVILLA IMPERIAL AMIRA, good sized bitch in excellent coat.  Very feminine throughout.  Broad flat skull, lovely eye for shape and pigment , lovely expression.  Good back and loin, would just prefer more hind angulation and drive.  Excellent  ring  training.  


 JB (4,1)

 1. Newcombe’s ICEWIND SPRING SUNLIGHT, very mature bitch in excellent coat and well off for bone, though would prefer longer feet.  Lovely head, flat skull, short strong muzzle, neat ears.  Would prefer a little more neck and she would be better balanced if shed a few pounds.  Lovely standing but just carrying too much weight which affects her movement.  

 2.  Gwynne’s SAMOKEES CAMEO IN CALICO AT ROSNORSKE, lighter bodied, correct balanced shape good firm back and well angulated.  Attractive head with dark eye.  Just needs to tighten up in front.  



 MB –no entries.  


 NB (3,1)

 1.  VANDREEM IMPERIAL CHANDI, as is often the case with junior bitches needs some time to develop fully in head proportions, lovely pigmentation.  Has good coat and bone.  Beautiful presentation.  Little erratic on move coming, but good behind.  

 2. Naylor’s KARENSHKO TEDDY BEAR, another who is carrying too much weight, and this I found affected her overall balance, making her head appear small.  Has good angulation, and moves well in profile just inclined to toe out in front and close behind .  


 UGB (3,3) PGB (4,2)

 1.  Lloyd’s ARIANRHOD OTAVAN LORU, not in the best of coats, but lovely shape and very sound front and rear.  Well angulated and with firm back and good loin, well boned.   Attractive wedge shaped head with strong dark pigment.  

 2. Gallagher’s ANNECY BLUE DIAMOND AT SAMGOLD,  very attractive in the stand, in full coat and well off for bone, would say top size.  Very feminine, lovely eye and well proportioned head.  Just a little narrow in chest and moved the same.  


 LB (9,7)

 1.Fremlin’s ICEWIND POLAR CLOUD, heading two very nice bitches,  alert to handler, excellent bone and in lovely coat/condition.  Well angulated and moved with good length of stride just a shade broad across chest.  Attractive head proportions, strong muzzle and attractive dark eye, RBB & RBIS.  

 2. Shepherd’s SHIANISE LUVABLE LULU, another very pretty bitch.  Good bone and angulation just a shade longer in back and loin.  Little unsettled which affected her movement.


 OB (5,2)

 1. Fitzgibbon & Robert’s ABSOLUTE XAMBA YOSHI AND US, very balanced bitch, excellent coat and presentation.    Very good angulation, standing on well boned legs through to long hairy feet.   Deep chest and firm back.   Lovely head and expression, from broad flat skull, to good strength of muzzle, set off with oval dark eyes and neat ears.  Moved with purpose and very sound, BB and BIS.  

 2. Woodhead’s PASHKA ICICLE PRINCESS JW, smaller framed bitch and is carrying a little too much weight, which affects overall balance.  Correct shape to head and well proportioned muzzle.   Needs to firm up in front.  



 VB (4,1)

 1. Douglas’ SAMGOLD CHANTILLY LACE OF TROYSTAR, 10 ½ years old and credit to owner, in excellent condition, coat and bone.  Good length of back, firm broad loin, well set tail.  Pretty head, with oval eyes set well, and dark pigment throughout – ears a shade close together.    Well angulated and moved well, BVIS.

 2. Hale, Mallord & Robert’s ASTUTUS CAROUSHKA, another cracking bitch, excellent angulation, balanced throughout.  Attractive head and expression, with lovely eyes.  Stands on well boned legs and long hairy feet.  Not quite as positive in front on the move as the winner.  



Judge Toni Jackson