Open Show 2013

Best In Show
Hounslow - Nikitta Run With the Wind

Reserve Best in Show
Fitzgibbon & Roberts - Smileasam Absolutely Super

Best Puppy in Show
Darruthers & Kirkwood
Vandreem Imperial Cruz

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge their open show..   I had a lovely day and thanks to all the exhibiters who entered under me. I was very pleased with the presentation of all the dogs they were clean and well groomed. Thank You

MPD (2)1 Carruthers & Kirkwood Vandreem Imperial Cruz  This puppy is quite an eye catcher , seems to have everything right  for his age.  Lovely conformation, super head, good bone and movement said it all. Went round the ring with drive which won him the class.  BPD & BPIS. 2 Craig & Scobell Smiling Snowball Russian Emperor at Samoravich (imp) another lovely puppy but just a baby baby at just 6 months. Every thing in the right place just needs to get it together. Proper little show man, lost on movement today.

PD (2-1)   1 A. Mann Zeelukzak Buggin’n Huggin Typical 10 months old, enjoying his day, nice head and overall shape, in-between coats. A happy chap.

JD (1) 1 Mr &  Mrs Cameron Vandreem Imperial Timo This 17 months old dog was just coming into coat so just took a bit off the overall picture. Lovely head and conformation which showed in his super movement  

MD No Entries

ND  No Entries

UGD  No Entries

PGD(3-!) 1 Martin & Grey Naduska Raphael of Arcticrebel Well constructed  male, good head  nice coat good bone nice tail and feet. Moved OK 2 L Mair-Jones Vandreem Imperial Debrussi Nice shape lacking coat good head eye and pigment not enjoying his day today. Movement OK

LD (3-1) 1 Mrs Hounslow Nikitta Run with The Wind Loved this dog when he came in the ring. Nice head and expression. Mouth eyes and ears all good. Neck well arched and excellent outline. Super movement which gave him the class. BD and BIS 2 Woodhead & Kirkwood Vandreem Imperial Kennedy Another nice dog handsome head, eye and ears good. Lovely bone and in nice coat. Movement not as good as 1.

OD(3-1) 1 L Mair-Jones Vandreem Imperial Kai ShCM Not to happy showing today but won the class on movement and construction, Good head ears and eyes , lovely bone not in full coat. RBD  2 Mrs & Miss Pritchard Santaviga Dazzlin Design  Not as good on the move as 1 Nice dog good head and lovely bone, a bit overweight for me.

VD  No Entries

MPB(4-1) 1 Moody & Haffenden Samarind Spells Trouble for Novaskaya  Sweet puppy and quite a little show girl. Pretty head with nice shaped eyes well placed ears, lovely outline moved with ease.BPB  2 Mrs Taylor Gemora Royal Hope for Naduska  Different type to 1,  not quite as pretty in head , nice outline moved well I am sure they will change places.  3 Mr & Mrs Young Cocosamel Chance  

PB(4) 1 Moody & Haffenden Samarind Spells Trouble for Novaskaya  2 Mr & Mrs Woodhead  Zeelukzak Ice’n Precious  Nice head eye and ears. Lovely outline.  Good coat and texture, moved with drive.   3 Mrs Hounslow Nikitta Katch a Falling Star    

JB Absent

MB(1) 1 Mr & Mrs Short Zeelukzak Ice’n Glorious  Nice outline  good coat, nice feet moved OK  

NB(2) 1 Moody & Haffenden Samarind Spells Trouble for Novaskaya  2 Mr & Mrs Short Zeelukzak Ice’n Glorious    

UGB(3) 1 P & D McGreade Frostia Someone Like You  Movement won her the class went round with ease and drive, lovely outline.  2 Mrs Lepley Sarnoushka Tiger Lilly  Pretty head, mouth eyes and ears all good, nice coat and outline lost on movement   3 Mr Hooper Naduska Chiavenna    

PGB(4-2) 1 Mr & Mrs Young Kimeekasams Miss Chief  Attractive head lovely biscuit ears and almond shaped eyes. In good coat of correct texture and good bone. Won the class on movement. 2 Mr Hooper Naduska Chiavenna Not enjoying her day could be the heat. Nice head in lovely coat outline good, moved ok.

LB (6-1) 1 Fitzgibbon & Roberts Smiliesam Absolutely Super Not my type of bitch but she moved round the ring with ease and drive so sound. Good head mouth eyes and ears. Nice outline lovely reach of neck .BB BOS 2 Mrs Hounslow Nikitta Born To Be Wild More my type of bitch, Proper little showgirl.  Pretty head nice eyes and ears. Lovely outline. Movement not as good today as I have seen her move. Could be the heat.   3 T & A Gwynne Zamoyski Lucky Paris   

OB (2) 1 Kirkwood & Jones Vandreem Imperial Prada This little lady is more my type of bitch.  So pretty lovely eyes and ears. Super shape and well balanced. But she did not move as good as I know she can move today \2 Fitzgibbon & Roberts Ice Maiden Smile Yoshi & Us (imp)

VB (2-1) 1 Mr & Mrs Fremlin Icewind Polar Cloud I love veterans they always have a wonderful time and seem to enjoy every minute. This lovely Girl had super bone, shape and coat. A very pretty head with nice ears and eyes she moved round the ring with ease and could show quite a few of the other exhibits how it’s done. She enjoyed her day and the treats. BV

S Brandenberg