The Northern Samoyed Society Championship Show 17th March 2013.

Thank you to the Northern Samoyed Society for the invitation to judge their Championship show, I consider it an honour to judge our lovely breed.  Size was a real mixture, movement in some cases was a concern with a lack of muscle, legs crossing front and back, a few also overweight.  On the positive side coat texture has improved, temperaments were good, some quality youngsters coming through and all exhibits were clean and groomed. Several close decisions that could swap places on other occasions and not enough cards to give out in other classes.

MPD.  3. 1st Langdon’s Lireva’s Imperial playful puppy loved his handsome head, thick ears well coated & correctly placed, dark eye & pigmentation, nice reach of neck, straight front, plush puppy coat & plume, moved soundly, perfect presentation, BPIS.
2nd Pike’s Lireva’s illustrious litter brother to 1 similar notes as above, biscuit tipped ears, expertly handled.
3rd Mann’s Zeelukzak Buggin’n Huggin.

JD. 3 (2) 1st Pritchard, Elder & Hall’s Mezen Return of the Jedi (imp) Completely balanced pleasing head dark eye, correct  coat texture , moved OK well presented & handled.

PGD. 4 (1) 1st Gray & Martin’s Naduska Raphael lovely young man, handsome head, thick furred ears, dark eye & dense pigmentation, straight front well laid shoulders, quality coat & feathers , moved OK.  
2nd Sinclair’s Faramach’s Cool Sno Storm  Balance young man in hardy condition, in full coat and feathers, excellent pigmentation, full of himself, he could work all day. 3rd Davis Timras Phantom of the Mist of Severnaya.

MLD. 6 (1) 1st Dent’s Danrobien Snow Mischief to Snowsense 2yrs Loved his head really handsome & Sammy smile, straight front, well laid shoulders, firm body in full dense coat, liked his overall balance moved well. RDCC.
2nd Pike’s Lireva’s Extreme Nobility alert lad, pleasing head, dark eye, & Pigmentation, Sammy smile, in full coat with feathers, presented & handled well, movement OK when settled.
3rd Crockart’s Vandreem Imperial Paco ShCM.

LD. 12 (2)  Best class of the day, 1st Woodhead & Kirkwood’s Vandreem Imperial Kennedy 3yrs Very Vocal and a handful, he is completely balanced, loved his head, Straight front, well laid shoulders, good body moved with drive, correct textured coat, handled well to get the best out of him.
2nd Pritchard’s Santaviga Dazzlin Design Handsome head, firm body, biscuit shaded coat, beautifully presented. 3rd Muncaster’s Zeelukzak Iceman.

OD. 6 (1) 1st O’Dwyer’s Ch. Duckslake Majestic Spirit over Kalinski a well known Ch. He is soundly constructed, today he was full of himself, he looked handsome in profile & moved with drive, well presented & perfect handling. DCC & BOS. I learned later that he is the sire of the best puppy dog & bitch.
2nd Gwynne’s Ch. Zamoyski Lucky Orlando JW another worthy Ch. Soundly constructed well groomed moved soundly.
3rd Hounslow’s Nikitta Simply Magic.

VD. 2 (0) 1st Pritchard’s Silvertips Destin’d to Dazzle Santaviga Imp) almost 9 years full of life & enjoying his day out, well presented coat & feathers.
2nd Mapletoft’s Ch. Vandreem Imperial Montoya at Samitoft a real favourite of mine I love his handsome head & Sammy smile, Good bone & quality coat, a worthy Ch. Not happy on the move today.

MPB. 7 (0) 1st Bolderson’s Lireva’s Sovereign at Annasirius Litter sister to MPD so pretty & famine small rounded ears well coated, dark eye & Sammy smile, straight front, reach of neck on to well laid shoulders, dense puppy coat, moved well BPB, RBPIS.
2nd Hounslow’s Nikitta Katch me if you can another lovely baby pretty head, straight front, good shoulders & neck, overall balance, moved soundly 3rd Cawthera-Purdy’s Lireva’s Victorious.

PB. 4 (1) 1st Bolderson’s Lireva’s Sovereign at Annasirius.
2nd Elder’s Khorobroi Dest’nd to Trouble Famine baby shown in full coat moved OK
3rd Ellis Fitzgibbon & Roberts Smiling Miracle Baltic Adventure (Imp) TAF.

JB. 2 (0) 1st Cawthera’s Nikara Diamond Tiara for Lireva Famine head, soundly constructed, maturing nicely, correct coat texture & profuse plume, expertly groomed & handled moved well
2nd Kirkwood & Jones Vandreem Imperial Tiamo just out of puppy she is as pretty as a picture, cheeky Sammy smile, totally balanced correct coat texture & lovely plume, groomed to perfection, moved OK
3 rd Collinson’s Nikara Diamond Jubilee with Norjack.

YB. 3 (1) 1st Scales Zamoyski Lucky Pollyanna Pretty head biscuit tipped ears, dark eye, nice texture to coat, & Lovely feathers, moved & shown well
2nd Lepley’s Sarnoushka Tiger Lily famine head, dark eye & Sammy smile, in good coat, just wanted to play today.

NB. 2 (1) 1st Mcgreade’s Frostia Someone like You Reserve in junior maturing nicely, short coat & full plume, moved well, a happy girl.

UGB. 2 (0) 1st Hooper’s Naduska Chiavenna alert expression, dark eye, correct texture coat with feathers, full of life gave her handler a hard time
2nd Lepley’s Sarnoushka Tiger Lily.

PGB. 6 (1) Gwynne’s Zamoyski Lucky Paris gorgeous head ultra famine, straight front, nice reach of neck onto good shoulders, enough bone, quality coat perfectly groomed & handled moved with drive
2nd Black’s Zamoyski Lucky Taymika with Kanyak JW ShCM another lovely girl feminine head, firm body in full coat presented & moved soundly
3rd Hooper’s Naduska Chiavenna.

MLB. 7 (1) 1st Hounslow’s Nikitta Born to be Wild very famine young lady pretty head, dark eye, well place thick ears, I like her overall balance, good bone & angulation, in fabulous coat & plume, moved soundly RBCC. RBIS.
2nd Sinclair’s Farumach’s Cool Chaos nice girl, good outline & angulation, well presented coat, moved & shown well 3rd Pritchard’s Santaviga Drama by Design.

LB. 5 (2) 1st Armitt’s Timras Bewitched of the mist feminine head, dark eye & plush ears (when she used them) Good bone & bend of stifle, moved well
2nd McGreade’s Nikara Private Dancer for Frostia feminine head & good confirmation, Harsh coat well presented, moved & handled well
3rd Gwynne’s Zamoyski Lucky Tiara for Rosnorske.

OB. 7 (1) 1st Fitzgibbon & Robert’s Ice Maiden Smile Yoshi & Us (Imp) alert expression, dark eye & smiley face, good bone, straight front & good firm shoulders, firm body, quality coat well presented settled on the move even though a different handler was needed
2nd Shepherd’s Shianese Always Amelia very feminine and alert expression, full of life in good coat, excellent presentation & handling, moved well, I’m sure these two will change places many times
3rd Craig & Scobell’s Samoravich I’m Seku.

VB. 3 (1) Bobrowski’s Ch. Vandreem Imperial Hermioni by Berezniki JW ShCM Perfect in profile, very feminine head flat skull, plush ears correctly set, dark eyes that are full of mischief and a smile that says “butter wouldn’t melt” Straight front, nice reach of neck onto good shoulders, good bone & muscled body, good bent of stifle, correct texture of coat though not heavy coated, beautifully presented & handled, moved with ease, I gave her top honours 3 years ago and could not deny her today, she is a credit to her breeder & owner, my pleasure to award her BCC, BIS & BV.
2nd Cawthera-Purdy’s Ch. Samhaven Kaos Reigns at Lireva she is adorable, pretty head & feminine another worthy Ch. I learn back in the ring after maternal duties she is the dam of BPD & BPB.

Brace 3 (2) 1st Gwynne’s Lovely girls.

Brood Bitch 1 (0) Cawthera-Purdy’s Ch. Kaos Reigns at Lireva all very typey offspring.

udge Irene Green (Snowlaceski)

Best In Show

Bobrowski’s Ch. Vandreem Imperial Hermioni by Berezniki JW ShCM

Best Opposite Sex, Best in Show and Reserve Best in show

O’Dwyer’s Ch. Duckslake Majestic Spirit over Kalinski

Bobrowski’s Ch. Vandreem Imperial Hermioni by Berezniki JW ShCM

Hounslow’s Nikitta Born to be Wild

Best Puppy in Show

Langdon’s Lireva’s Imperial