Due to the injury to Tegwyn Jones who I wish a speedy recovery I was asked to judge in his place. I would like to thank the exhibitors for accepting the change in a sporting manner and with good grace.

Minor Puppy Dog  No Entries

Puppy Dog 2(1) 1st Mr & Mrs Mann’s Nikara Dream Maker. Nice young dog in good coat correct bite, Ears, pigment in good body for a puppy moved a little erratically BPD and BOSP.

Junior Dog 1 Nikara Dream Maker. More settled on the move than in 1st class

Yearling Dog 4 (1) 1st Mrs Walkers Karmynski Silver Rogue. Upstanding dog that needs to mature into fuller body, stood foursquare and moved well nice head, bite and eye coat of good quality.  2nd Pritchard, Cornwall & Hill Ultimate Prince Yoshi and Us Santaviga (Imp). Another nice young dog with many good points was rather stretched out when standing which did not help him preferred head of 1st.  3rd Mr. & Mrs Gwynne Rosnorske Glacier Ice Blue.

Novice Dog 1 1st Nikara Dream Maker

Undergraduate Dog 3  1st P & A Ashbourne Angelicus Cahlua. Fine upstanding dog with heavy coat good tail carriage and pigment, movement was not helped by handler but saw enough to place him.  2nd Mr & Mrs Smith Nikitta Diamond Geezer. Good coat and Tail carriage, nice feathering and ears well presented but needs more ringcraft classes which will help him settle on the move. 3rd Mr & Mrs Young Furzeland Devon Blaze Avec Cocosamel

Post Graduate Dog 3  1st C Baxter Samhaven Frozen in Time. Stood well and well presented, good pigment and bite and a lovely kind head, nice length of loin and good feet  2nd Mr & Mrs Wood Vandreem Imperial Frankel. Close between these two, just a little narrower in front, good coat and tail moved ok.  3rd Mr & Mrs Gwynne Rosnorske Louis Lanson

Mid Limit Dog 5 (1)  1st Miles & Kirkwood Vandreem Imperial Stark. Good upstanding dog nice length of leg Attractive head good feet and pigment, correct eye giving lovely expression, super coat, could possibly have gone on to more if handled better on the move. 2nd Vandreem Imperial Frankel. 3rd P & A Ashbourne Angelicus Sammie Sno it All

Limit Dog 5 1st Pritchard, Elder & Hall Mezen Return of the Jedi (Imp). Slightly smaller dog though with good brisket and generally well made, good feet, bite, eye and coat moved ok when settled well presented and shown.  2nd G & J Smith Vandreem Imperial Fabien at Avarasam. Upstanding dog with longer reach of neck, Perfuse coat and carrying a little weight, nice head and a good mover. 3rd Samhaven Frozen in Time  

Open Dog 6 (2) 1st N & J Collinson Ch. Taronakits Kenko with Norjack. A dog that has matured well since I last judged him, Full of quality, super tail lovely eyes and ears nice reach of neck correct feet in super coat moved out well both ways. Well deserved the DCC and BIS. 2nd Mrs Dudek Lighto the Twinkling Star Blossomrain ShCM (Imp). Another quality dog well presented moved well, close between these two but just preferred the size and tail of 1st but deserving of the RDCC and RBIS.  3rd L Mair-Jones Ch. Vandreem Imperial Debrussi

Veteran Dog 3 (1) 1st Mr & Mrs Woodhead Vandreem Imperial Kennedy from Pashka. Nice veteran in good coat with correct feet, eyes, teeth moved well BVD.  2nd Mr & Mrs Oxley Amarige Paco Rabanne. Older dog in good condition perfuse coat, preferred length of neck of 1st moved well for age.

Minor Puppy Bitch 1 1st L & R Dent Whitespirit Madam Mischief. Well made puppy Super coat and temperament, Nice Pigment eye and ears, moved out nicely.

Puppy Bitch 6 (1) 1st Mrs Brandenberg Nikara Chasing Dreams for Taronakits. Lovely youngster in good coat, correct feet and tail carriage, pretty head with good pigment and neat ears giving a soft expression, moved nicely. BPB and BPIS. 2nd Mrs Walker Karmynski Silver Aria  3rd Miss & Mr Shaw Furzeland Devon Fern. Another lovely girl with much to please, sweet expression, good tail and feathering but needs to broaden as she matures

Junior Bitch 4 (1) 1st Nikara Chasing Dreams for Taronakits   2nd Miss Willcock Blossomrain Moonlight Song of Dynar. Plush coated girl with some feathering, nice feet and eyes moved well.  3rd Nikara Everything Changes at Sharla

Yearling Bitch 3 (2) 1st Mrs & Mr Yorke Timras Muireann of the Mist over Shelbydown. Stood alone but well worth her win, Lovely head and ears, super coat, nice feet and a good length of loin and neck, moved well with purpose, just carrying a little weight.

Novice Bitch 2 (1) Nikara Chasing Dreams for Taronakits   

Undergraduate Bitch 2 (1) 1st Taronakits Kall me Kaylee at Xenor. Sweet two year old lovely soft expression, correct head well shaped eye and ears good feathering moved steadily. 2nd Blossomrain Moonlight Song of Dynar

Post Graduate Bitch 4 (1) 1st J Rogers-Ward Vandreem Imperial Mercedes at Shellover. Lovely shape good steady movement, correct tail carriage, nice feathering, good eye and pigment in good coat and well presented.  2nd R Mann Zeelukzak Diamond Star. Most of the above applies coat a little longer, good feet, perfuse tail carried to the side ears not quite as neat.  3rd E Thomas Zeelukzak Om Shanti

Min Limit Bitch 4 (2) 1st Mrs Freer Nikara Kall Me Kreative. Great shape, good coat, flat feet, pretty feminine head, plush ears, good eyes moved ok BCC and BOS.  2nd Pritchard, Hill & Hall Right one for Mezen Yoshi & Us Santaviga. Slighter built bitch in fine coat, flat feet, pretty head, moved a little close in front.

Limit Bitch 9 (4) 1st Sinclair & Kirkwood Vandreem Imperial Sersei. Another that has improved greatly since I last judged her, nice leg length, super shape and tail carriage, Good ears eyes and pigment giving sweet expression, flat feet plush coat of good quality moved with purpose and drive very close to my CC winner RBCC.  2nd K Naylor Samnoushka Time to Shine at Karenshko. Much of above applies I just preferred head and pasterns of 1st.  3rd Mr & Mrs Woodhead Zeelukzak Ice’n Precious from Pashka

Open Bitch 3 1st Mrs Freer Ch. Nikara Dancing with my Dream. Lovely outline super coat, flat feet, correct head and expression, good feathering, correct tail carriage good pigment and eyes.  2nd N & J Collinson Ch. Nikara Diamond Jubilee with Norjack. Worthy Champion well presented in good coat could swap places another day just preferred tail and rear movement of 1st.    3rd J Rogers-Ward Vandreem Imperial Mirca ShCM

Veteran Bitch 4 (1) 1st Mrs Sinclair Farumach’s Cool Chaos. In great condition spring in step Lovely plush coat and good tail one of the best on the move BVIS.  2nd Mr & Mrs Young Kimeekasams Miss Chief. Not in quite as good coat as 1st tail a little sparse flat feet moved nicely and was full of life.  3rd M Wilding Trusam Silver Starspirit


N & J Collinson Ch. Taronakits Kenko with Norjack

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