The society’s championship show this year was held in conjunction with the World Samoyed meeting as was perhaps very fitting for our 50th anniversary year the show attracted the biggest entry seen at any show for many years.

Our judge for this fantastic entry was Mrs. Denise Edmondson who was especially brought in from South Africa, Unfortunately on her return to South Africa she was diagnosed with cancer and has been receiving Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy treatment ever since, despite this she has sent in her report on the show and its main winners.

The show took a lot of organizing by our committee which was reduced in number due to various health problems, so I would like to thank them and the exhibitors who came from all around the world, as well as the UK for making it such a wonderful event and for the sportsmanship displayed resulting in the most wonderful atmosphere.

Graham Fremlin (Show Manager)

Judges Report

Unfortunately due to health problems I was unable to submit a critique on my judging of the show for the dog press and as time went by with more setbacks to my health it has been difficult to collate my notes as I tend to write brief notes, write a report very soon after judging while everything is still clear in my mind.  However this was not to be, so please forgive me for not submitting a full critique, I have made general comments and more detailed ones on my Best Puppy, Best in Show, Dog CC, RCC and Bitch RCC winners.

I found several different styles of dogs shown, and my catalogue shows both imports, progeny from imports, visiting dogs. The relaxed import regulations worldwide has made this possible. I am sure in a few years some of these dogs will leave their mark on the breed in the UK and improve the breed as have the UK dogs exported worldwide for so many years.

I did as usual enjoy judging the puppies.  Here I found several really nice ones so much so that a minor puppy placed 3rd   in that class managed to win the puppy class. I found that by and large the bitches were more uniform and better than the dogs which can only auger well for the breed in the UK.

There were a number of dogs that were out of the cards mainly because of lack of handling skills. Please don’t show your Samoyed in a stance where it is gazing lovingly up at the handlers face, the neck disappears into its shoulders giving the impression of a dog straight through the front!  Remember this is a beauty show, ring behavior, presentation and handling go a long way to winning. Training is so important, one actually has to train a dog to move at his best pace.

Fronts are definitely a problem but this seems to be a worldwide trend in a lot of breeds.  Overall movement in a lot of the exhibits could have been better, mainly due, I feel, to lack of muscle. I can understand your climate is not conducive to regular exercise but many seemed that they would benefit from some road work and I dare I say it – a little less food.  

I was startled to see a couple of rather large exhibits, as a purist I stand by the British, Aus & NZ standard where size is 18-20” and 20-22” all one has to do is look at function for the reasons for this. I was saddened to see a few very long outer coats which is alien to the breed and horror of horrors some scissor marks on one!!!

Coming to the UK to judge was a privilege but most of all such a pleasure.   I rarely follow the UK Samoyed show results as I have no dogs from the UK, so being able to come over and judge all those dogs and not knowing any of them was the most wonderful experience.

Again I am sorry for the lateness of this write up, please bear with me cancer treatment is not easy!!  I wish everyone who showed under me the best of luck in their future endeavors to keep the UK Samoyed flying.




I really loved this boy, such a typical Samoyed, well balanced and in proportion there was so much to like about him, lovely size, well proportioned head and eye set giving him a sweet smiling expression. His body was ideal medium in length and in balance with his length of leg. His coat was lovely with good texture of outer coat and dense undercoat.  He moved away and back soundly showing reach in front and drive from behind, all the time keeping his handler on her toes as she had to work really hard to show him off to his best advantage! A typical Sammy clown but when it really counted seemed to know to behave.




This boy appealed to me – for his body to leg proportions, being well balanced and able to move around the ring so soundly with reach in front and drive behind, his length of neck confirmed well laid back shoulders, body of medium length, well set tail.  He had a coarse outer coat with sufficient undercoat. His head was balanced but looked a little different yet familiar.  On looking at my catalogue I saw he was a “Yacker” son and I imported a Yacker son several years ago.  Amazing the progeny just have that way of almost looking down their noses at you. Well handled.



This seven years young girl is everything the breed standard asks for and to cap it all at 7 years of age is looking wonderful. I have always found that Sams mellow like a good red wine looking better and better as they get older. Lovely head and expression made up of correct ear and eye placement, wedge shaped muzzle and upturned lips giving a sweet smiling expression.  Neck of correct length set into well laid back shoulders, correct length of back lovely topline, tail set and rear angulation.  Length of leg in proportion. This enabled her to move around the ring with reach and drive. She is an elegant, unexaggerated girl of correct size.



A typical young girl who gave her all in the ring. I liked her size and proportions, looking at her I wondered if she was short in leg but going over her I realized that the lovely coat that she was carrying gave that impression but it was not so.  Pleasing head with smiling expression, good length of neck set into well back shoulders, good topline, length of back and tail set. Moved well.



A lovely typical baby, carrying a lovely puppy coat.  A little out of proportion at this age which I would expect but with so much to offer.  Promise of a lovely head, well set ears, lips, eyes giving a lovely expression.  Good length of neck set into well laid back shoulders. Body and leg proportions good. His tail set and hind quarters were lovely. He was expertly handled and moved around the ring in a controlled manner, good pace and straight line.

Here I must mentioned my second place winner, little brother VANDREEM IMPERIAL TORRES who was also a lovely baby, very difficult to choose between the two, well handled just not as good on the move at this stage as my winner.

Denise Edmondson.